3 Ways Your Daycare Team Ensures the Proper Play Group for Your Dog


Sure, dogs are pack animals by nature. But within our 21st century domesticated homes, we – the pet parents – are what passes for “the pack.” So, when it’s time to go to doggie daycare, how do our pet care facilities make certain that all of the guests play nice together?

We’re glad you asked! The best collaborators follow 3 big steps to successfully assemble a play group for your dog:

  1. Abundant training – Properly educated caregivers are the engines that drive the best doggie daycare centers. The best dog daycares insist on continuous education and training for their teams and are equipped with the commitment and passion it takes to keep your pets safe, secure, and happy.
  2. Thorough assessments – Any quality dog resort or doggie daycare center will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your dog for temperament and play style before determining the proper play group for your dog. Professional facilities will break guests out into smaller play groups based on size, personality, and activity level. This ensures your pet is properly matched with fellow dogs who share the same energy level and interests.
  3. Continuous monitoring – The ideal pet care partner will ensure dogs are monitored at all times by a qualified and engaged team, and that guests are protected around-the-clock with state-of-the-art security and fencing.

At Paws and Play Pet Resort, our team will find the perfect play group for your dog based their unique play style, size, and activity level. We will make certain that your pet is paired with the perfect group of playmates for a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled day of play. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.