Professional Dog Training 

Paws and Play Dog Training ProgramHaving trouble with obedience, or getting your dog to play well with others? We offer a series of dog training classes as well as other training options to help you develop a good relationship with your dog. Paws and Play Pet Resort & Training Center is conveniently located in Tuckahoe, NY and serves the entire Westchester County area including the Bronx and New York City.

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Whether you are trying to socialize your puppy, teach your new dog that you are in charge, or teaching your older dog good manners, the goal is for you to live happy lives together. We tailor our dog training programs so they are uniquely suited to help you through all stages of your pet’s development.

We found out about Paws and Play only a few days after we rescued our puppy Zoe from the New Rochelle shelter. Our experience there has helped our family in so many ways. Training, boarding, play dates have all been top flight. Give Paws and Play a try! Nothing but smiles!!

— The Careys (Zoe's family)

Our Professional Dog Training Programs

Stay and Train

We offer two basic family obedience lodging packages. The first is a 5 day training stay that ends with a private training lesson with one of our trainers, you and your dog(s). The second is a 10 day training stay that ends with a private training lesson.

Group Training Classes

Any interested parties in the following classes please contact us: Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience

Training Philosophy & Methods

At Paws and Play, we use dog-friendly techniques, including positive reinforcement training. All training is individualized based on breed, age and temperament. There is no one size fits all approach.

Call to Learn More About Our Dog Training Program: (914) 337-2948

Benefits of Dog Training

There are numerous benefits to getting your dog professionally trained at Paws and Play.  A trained dog is a happy and healthy dog as it reduces stress on both your pet and your family. Training your dog can eliminate unwanted behavior such as excessive barking, chewing, and pulling on a leash. Training can also eliminate fear and separation anxiety when your dog is away from you.