3 Reasons to Give the Gift of Training for Your New Puppy


A trained dog is a happy, healthy dog, plain and simple. If you are welcoming a new furry family member into your home and life this holiday season, training for your new puppy will be the gift that keeps on giving throughout your lives.

Proper training not only cuts down on stress in the home, but it helps eliminate unwanted behaviors (barking, chewing, pulling, etc.) while limiting or eliminating separation anxiety when you and your pup are apart.

For owners of young dogs who are still learning about the big world around them, training for your new puppy can help acclimate your dog to different environments and experiences, while socializing them with other animals and people.

  1. Socialization: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends pet owners begin socializing their puppies between 3-14 weeks of age. Once your puppy has received his or her initial round of vaccinations, puppy preschool and kindergarten programs can begin. Meeting new friends, both human and canine, is crucial for your puppy’s development. This is just one of many benefits offered by a quality pet resort.
  2. Stronger bonds: Professional pet trainers regularly help pet parents develop a better relationship with their puppies. From raising red flags regarding any potentially problematic behaviors, to giving you notes and tips to communicate more clearly with your dog, a puppy training program provides educational opportunities for dog and parent, alike, during this foundational time in your dog’s life.
  3. Because puppy socialization classes are led by professional pet care specialists (and enthusiasts), you can be assured classes are carried out in a safe, secure environment with team members who place the highest emphasis on your dog’s wellbeing and have met and exceeded the highest standards when it comes to caring for your pooch. Additionally, all puppies enrolled in puppy kindergarten will have been previously vetted, to make certain they are of similar age to your dog and have received all necessary vaccinations.

Paws and Play Pet Resort offers a series of options, including puppy kindergarten courses, that will help you develop a winning relationship with your new puppy and carry you throughout every stage of your new family member’s development. We also offer Stay and Train lodging packages, as well as group training for basic obedience.

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