Pet Resorts Make a Splash with These 3 Summer Fun Activities for Dogs


Dogs love the water.

Sure, it’s a generality – but get a pooch anywhere near a pool, and 9 times out of 10, they’re going to want to take a dip.

Unlike cats (and with few exceptions), dogs are constructed for swimming, and are typically introduced to the excitement and allure of the water – be it the lake, the pond, the pool, or the ocean – from an early age. This initial exposure helps them form a positive association with H20. From there, they can develop a healthy relationship with the exercise, mental and physical stimulation, and good, old-fashioned fun water provides.

The Paws and Play Pet Resort team takes great pride in providing our guests with summer fun activities for dogs. Our team is happy to help you determine which activities would be best for your pet.

  • A big splash: For those who don’t believe a dog can smile, simply fill up a kiddie pool with some cold water on a hot day and watch the sheer, unfiltered happiness (and canine cannonballs) begin.
  • A wild spray: Never underestimate the simplest joys of summer. Just like kids on a sweltering day, dogs love to dart in and out of the wild spray of a sprinkler – and may even take a few chomps at the jet stream for good measure.
  • A refreshing drink: A long drink from a garden hose cools off hot dogs after a busy afternoon running and jumping on the playground equipment with other dog daycare guests. (And bowls of fresh water around-the-clock should be the standard at any luxury pet resort.)

Whether participating in our daycare program, or visiting for an extended stay, our guests love splashing around in our doggie pools, running through our sprinklers, and drinking from the hoses. Additional features keeping your pup cozy and content during his or her summer stay include:

  • State-of-the-art air handling systems for optimal health, fresh air filtration and temperature control.
  • Natural skylights that offer plenty of natural sunlight throughout the day.
  • Spacious outdoor play areas lined with K9 grass for dogs to socialize, romp, and play.
  • Canopy tents to provide ample shade in between playtimes and splash time in the pool.

Come see how the award-winning Paws and Play Pet Resort & Training Center is making a splash in Westchester County. We offer plenty of summer fun activities for dogs, as well as invigorating play sessions in our state-of-the-art facility. Contact us today to schedule your stay or drop by business hours for a tour.