3 Ways Professional Dog Trainers CAN Teach an Older Dog New Tricks


You know the saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Professional dog trainers will tell you that this is not at all the case. In fact, while training is typically associated with younger dogs, the fact of the matter is that dogs are teachable at any age.

Dogs are naturally curious and instinctive learners. In fact, because older dogs exert more self-control and focus, they frequently make ideal students.

Not only that, but it is critical to continue training, even as your dog ages. Regular training provides a wealth of mental stimulation, while also delivering an all-important routine dogs crave and need.

Here are just three ways professional dog trainers excel at teaching “old dogs” new tricks:

  1. They take things a step at a time: Teaching a dog new behaviors, and helping them to break old habits, is not something that can be rushed. Professional dog trainers understand that taking things slowly is the key to avoiding frustration, while setting up reasonable schedules, working toward achievable goals, and providing plenty of rest, playtime, and cuddles in between.
  1. They establish trust. No matter the age, consistency, fairness, and providing safe space for a dog to work things out is essential to earning and maintaining trust. Trust is the cornerstone for everything that is built moving forward, and it involves comfort, praise, and clear, defined expectations.
  2. They use positive reinforcement. Professional dog trainers leverage a dog’s natural inclination to please to create a positive and successful learning environment for pups of any age. They are also adept at determining which methods work best for different dogs, such as using treats, verbal praise, or extra play time. Most importantly, they make certain training is fun for your dog, which ultimately leads to success.

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