3 Ways Quality Dog Daycare Programs Put Your Pet’s Health and Wellness First

Dog with tongue hanging out sitting in grassy field for pets health and wellness blog.

Did you know that October is National Pet Wellness Month?

This month-long observation encourages pet parents and caregivers to focus on the health and well-being of their furry friends. By providing our animals with regular exercise and playtime, mental stimulation, socialization with other dogs, nutritious meals, and opportunities for preventive care such as vaccinations, we can keep our pets healthy and happy, which ultimately makes us healthy and happy, too.

Did you also know that by enrolling your dog in a quality daycare program, you are actually prioritizing your pet’s health and wellness?

Here are just three of the most important health-related benefits a doggie daycare program can deliver:

  1. Regular stimulation, exercise and playtime keep our pets healthy and happy. Most dogs thrive on physical activity; on being able to run and play and jump and explore. Some dogs prefer one-on-one playtime with staff. Others would rather walk a bit and cuddle a lot. A quality dog daycare program will ensure that your pet gets the exercise and stimulation they need while you’re gone for the day. This is particularly important for breeds that are prone to obesity, such as golden retrievers or bulldogs. By keeping your pet active and healthy, quality daycare programs help to make them happier and better behaved.
  2. Socialization can calm a dog’s nerves. Not only is socialization imperative for proper development from the time our puppies are 3-14 weeks of age, but routine interaction with other dogs and people helps pets of all ages become more confident while reducing anxiety and stress levels. Without proper socialization, dogs may be more prone to aggression and fearfulness. Quality dog daycare programs ensure your dog has opportunities to engage with colleagues of a similar size and temperament regularly.
  3. Dog daycare programs require guests to be current on vaccines. Vaccinations protect both your pet and other animals in close contact. That’s why the best daycare programs insist their guests be vaccinated for rabies, canine distemper, and parvovirus, among other illnesses. Many potential health risks can come from not being current on vaccines.

At Paws and Play Pet Resort, our compassionate and trained staff places your pet’s health and wellness above all else. We’re committed to contributing to your dog’s well-rounded life by providing plenty of exercise and playtime, stimulating social engagement with other dogs and people, and activity packages that are tailored to your pet’s unique needs and interests.

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