4 Qualities Top Pet Resorts Ensure in Their Personnel

A young man caresses a yellow Labrador for a blog on pet resort personnel.

You want the pet resort you choose to feel like a home away from home for your dogs. Part of that is the amenities and activities available – the nightly tuck-ins, the gourmet treats, the spacious play yards where your dogs can run and play and be their best canine-self.  But the key to it all is the pet resort personnel behind the scenes. It’s the people that make your pet’s visit everything you’d hoped it would be by providing unsurpassed care, comfort, and security to give you the peace of mind you need.

Here are just four top qualities that are shared by the best-of-the-best among pet resort personnel.

  • Experience: When your pet is staying away from home – even for the day – you want to make sure they’re watched closely and cared for by knowledgeable and skilled professionals. There are plenty of fly-by-night operations out there that claim to be good with animals but be sure to find a collaborator that can demonstrate their qualifications. For its part, Paws and Play Pet Resort & Training Center spent years researching the pet care industry, learning the trade, and developing our brand of excellence. Our goal was to create a fun, safe environment that dogs would love while delivering a superior level of care for all guests. Based on our visitors’ responses, we’ve achieved that.
  • Credentials: Finding pet resort personnel that are licensed and certified is the key to peace of mind for pet parents everywhere. The Paws and Play team, for example, is a member of multiple organizations and certifying bodies, while our management team has completed the Outstanding Pet Care University (OPCU) curriculum, which offers pet care facility training designed to help facilities deliver the highest quality pet care possible.
  • Continued education: It’s imperative for animal caretakers to never stop learning about their trade and the pets entrusted to them. At Paws and Play, our daycare staff members are enrolled in a continuing education program that ensures they remain at the top of their game.
  • Passion: Loving dogs and wanting the best for them is what drives the very best pet resort personnel. Caretakers should be polite, patient, courteous, and kind while making certain your pet gets all of the cuddles and attention they crave and deserve while you’re away.

Paws and Play Pet Resort & Training Center prides itself on our qualified, fun-loving, and experienced staff that continuously makes guests’ health and welfare their number one priority. Our extended staff hours ensure proper supervision throughout your pet’s entire stay, providing plenty of activity and attention so your favorite pooch returns home happy, relaxed, and looking forward to a future visit.