5 Reasons Puppy Socialization is So Important

Puppies playing with a toy together for puppy socialization

Puppyhood. It’s a furry whirlwind of energy and excitement. While pet owners are busy puppy-proofing their homes and keeping household items out of reach, there is one significant aspect of a pup’s development that is critical to keep in mind: socialization. At Paws & Play Pet Resort, we’ve seen firsthand how early training and puppy […]

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3 Major Benefits of Professional Dog Training: Unlock Your Pet’s Full Potential

Two dogs stand at attention - a Labrador in focus in the foreground - for "benefits of professional dog training" blog.

When it comes to our furry companions, professional dog training isn’t about teaching “tricks,” it’s about establishing and strengthening our relationships with our pets. At Paws & Play Pet Resort in Tuckahoe, NY, our dog training programs offer a myriad of benefits that go hand in paw with happy and healthy dogs. By eliminating unwanted […]

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