Four 5-Star Features Found in a Luxury Pet Suite


As a pet parent, one of your biggest concerns is likely making sure your dog has comfy, happy, and clean accommodations when you need to go out of town. Many pet parents even secure their pet’s reservations before committing to their own.

Not only is the pet resort you choose important, but the accommodations and activities you select for them makes all the difference. Luxury pet suites are designed with every comfort of home (and then some) in mind.

Here are just four 5-star features to look for when considering where to board your dog:


  1. Exquisite Zzz’s: You’ll sleep better knowing your dog is sleeping better, it’s just that simple. Seek out a resort that delivers on its promise of a luxury pet suite with premium bedding that ensures guests rest comfortably and provides their owners with peace of mind.


  1. Creature comforts: A luxury pet suite should be equipped with year-round climate control to keep dogs comfortable when they’re in their rooms. Natural light also plays a big part in easing any lingering anxiety your dog may have, while helping him relax throughout his stay. Not only that, but regular exposure to natural sunlight is a critical part of your dog’s overall health. Ensure there are plenty of window views, or natural skylights- especially for longer stays.  


  1. Clean as a (dog) whistle: Housekeeping is an integral component of every overnight stay, and yet, it’s often the last thing guests think to ask about. Don’t be shy. Daily cleaning services in a luxury pet suite and high-end pet resort overall should rival those of the most high-end hotels. So be sure to ask about protocols, which should be frequent – and meet or exceed CDC guidelines.


  1. Television, anyone? Do dogs watch television? An increasing number of experts say they do. Advancing digital technology has made it possible for dogs’ unique eyes to make out what’s on screen (the refresh rate on older cathode-ray tube TVs previously made this impossible). In fact, there’s even a television station designed specifically for dogs. Though uncommon, some of the top resorts offer suites equipped with televisions to provide mental and visual stimulation for your dog when they’re not out playing. Some TV time also provides an extra bit of comfort that reminds them of home.


The Paws and Play team takes pride in our state-of-the-art, award-winning, Westchester County facility. Here, your dog can kick back and relax after an invigorating day of play in a luxury pet suite that provides everything you and your pet are looking for. Contact us today to schedule your stay or drop by business hours for a tour.