How to Find the Right Pet Resort for Your Dog

how to find the right pet resort for your dog

Booking a five-star hotel online for yourself? Piece of cake. Finding the equivalent retreat for your furry friend that fires on all cylinders? Now, that’s the real quest. Pet owners agree: only the best will do for our dogs when we’re out of town or otherwise engaged. But finding a top-quality resort for our pets can often be trickier than it sounds.

How to Find the Right Pet Resort for Your Dog

Pet boarding, at its core, is a service that provides a temporary home for dogs and cats when their owners are away from home or otherwise unable to care for them.

The best dog resorts will offer plentiful opportunities for exercise and play, trained and knowledgeable staff, and spacious facilities and rooms. At Paws & Play Pet Resort, we cater to any special needs your dog might have while offering premium services like regular play sessions, individualized care plans, and even comprehensive spa treatments.

Beyond the obvious advantage of knowing your dog is in safe, skilled hands, pet resorts offer a structured environment. Resort team members ensure that your pet sticks to a comfortable routine, receives social interaction, and has access to emergency care if required.

At Paws & Play Pet Resort, dogs can expect a full day of enriching activity. From outdoor excursions to supervised playtime with other dogs, relaxing naps, and restful nights, there’s never a dull moment.

The Signs of Exceptional Dog Boarding

Choosing a dog boarding facility is about more than just finding a place for your pet to stay—it’s about ensuring they get the absolute best care and experience during their time there. So, how can one determine which facility truly stands out? Here are some definitive signs:

  • Transparent Policies: Pet owners need to understand and be comfortable with a facility’s rules, processes, and expectations. A good boarding facility, like Paws & Play, makes this a top priority, ensuring transparent policies for all guests.
  • Clean and Luxurious Accommodations: A standout facility offers clean and spacious environments for your dog to relax after a long day of play. Paws & Play takes it up a notch by offering luxurious climate-controlled pet accommodations, ensuring comfort at its best.
  • Ample Play Areas: Dogs need their playtime, and the size and quality of play areas matter. Paws & Play boasts over 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play spaces, allowing pets to roam, explore, and socialize to their hearts’ content.
  • A Variety of Activities and Services: Access to diverse activities, pampering services, and even enriching Play & Train programs ensure dogs have a memorable and productive stay.
  • Safety and Security Measures: Exceptional boarding facilities prioritize the safety of all guests. With measures like smoke and fire protection, advanced security systems, 24-hour camera surveillance, and a backup generator, Paws & Play leaves no stone unturned, and no pup unguarded.
  • Trained and Compassionate Staff: The heart of any pet resort is its people. It’s vital to have staff who are not only trained but also genuinely care for the pets. At Paws & Play, the team treats each dog as if they were their own, ensuring tons of one-on-one attention.

Put simply, dog boarding is about more than lodging. It’s about ensuring an environment where pets feel at home and are treated with the utmost care. At Paws & Play, we go above and beyond traditional services to provide a premium experience for all guests and their owners.

Should I Feel Bad About Boarding My Dog?

Pet owners may feel a bit apprehensive when scheduling their dog’s first stay. It’s natural to feel anxious. Having a resort checklist in hand when trying to find the right pet resort for your dog can prove invaluable.

Before you board, be sure to:

  • Ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Inform the resort of any dietary or medical needs.

Choosing a reputable resort like Paws & Play goes a long way in alleviating any and all concerns.

Boarding doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By doing your research and preparing adequately, you can ensure your dog enjoys their stay, and you enjoy your time away without worries.