4 Unique Features Found in Awesome Dog Daycare Play Yards

dog daycare play yards

Remember going to a new playground as a kid? If it didn’t have a swing set, a sliding board, or a jungle gym – it was just a glorified garden, right? Dogs are no different when it comes to what they look for in playtime.

Your pet resort’s dog daycare play yard should rise to the occasion, offering plenty for our four-footed pals. The best facilities share some common play area features that separate mediocre options from the leaders of the pack.

Check it out:

  1. Tough turf: Dogs exercise hard and play even harder. It’s important to find a pet resort that cares about your pet’s paws just as much as you do. The best dog daycare play yards will be lined with K9Grass®, specifically developed with a dog’s comfort and cleanliness in mind.
  2. Rugged play equipment: The best dog daycare play yards will be outfitted with unique, pet-friendly play equipment that is designed specifically for them. Be sure to find a resort where your furry friend can climb, tunnel, leap – and, ultimately, lounge.
  3. Ample security: Whether at doggie daycare or booked for an extended boarding stay, your pup will be spending a good deal of time outdoors, just like they like it. Security is paramount. It protects your dogs from outside dangers while discouraging the urge to wander and roam.
  4. Miscellaneous marvels: From splash pools and sprinklers for the warmer months to canopy tents where your pooch can kick back in the shade, dog daycare play yards should go above and beyond bathroom breaks to ensure your pet has a blast year-round.

The Paws and Play Pet Resort team takes great pride in our indoor AND outdoor amenities. Our dog daycare play yards are spacious and secure, featuring safe fencing, and continuous monitoring from trained pet care professionals. Come check out our state-of-the-art facility and see what all of the tail-wagging’s about.