Do Dogs Enjoy Dog Daycare?

do dogs enjoy dog daycare

Do dogs enjoy dog daycare?

Ask any pet owner who has picked up an exhilarated pup after a rigorous day of play or watched as tails started wagging in eager anticipation at the mere mention of the word. Absolutely, dogs enjoy daycare – when it’s done right.

At Paws & Play Pet Resort in Tuckahoe, NY, our award-winning record is testimony to our guests’ approval. That’s because Paws & Play isn’t just a daycare; it’s a haven where dogs can thrive.

The Joy of Socialization

At Paws & Play, socialization takes center stage. Dogs are inherently communal animals, and regular interaction with their furry peers is crucial for their emotional well-being. At Paws & Play Pet Resort, dogs engage in supervised play sessions tailored to their size, temperament, and play style, fostering confidence and reducing anxiety.

Customized Care for Every Guest

Our passionate and skilled team of caregivers understand that each dog is unique and offers personalized care to accommodate them. Whether your pet prefers active play with other dogs or quiet cuddles and one-on-one time, our trained staff ensures all individual needs are met. This individualized approach guarantees a pleasant, fulfilling experience for every daycare guest.

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog                                                       

Regular exercise and play keep dogs physically fit, addressing concerns like obesity, particularly in prone breeds like golden retrievers or bulldogs. Moreover, Paws & Play’s commitment to wellness extends to mandatory vaccinations, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all our guests.

The Paws & Play Difference

What sets Paws & Play apart is our dedication to creating a holistic experience. Resort-style amenities, compassionate staff, and award-winning service culminate in an environment where dogs don’t just wait for their ride home, they enjoy a new adventure with each new day.

At Paws & Play Pet Resort in Tuckahoe, NY, dogs unequivocally enjoy daycare done right. With tailored play sessions, personalized care, and a commitment to wellness, we ensure every furry guest thrives. Choose Paws & Play for an extraordinary daycare experience where joy and companionship abound.