3 Ways Boarding Your Dog on the 4th of July Creates a Happy, Scare-Free Holiday


Sad, but true – dog shelters have traditionally seen the biggest influx of new arrivals on July 5. It’s no accident that this day immediately follows the night we celebrate our independence with bombastic fireworks.

Many dogs are incredibly sound sensitive, and the festive explosives set off not only on the 4th, but throughout July at baseball games, carnivals, and other summer events, can wreak havoc on their senses. Panicked dogs may break free of their yards and/or homes to escape the scary noises, and wind up lost or shelter inductees.

If you have a particularly anxious or sensitive dog, finding them a safe harbor where they can ride out the holiday is always a good idea.

A quality pet resort can be a great option. Here are three reasons to consider boarding your dog on the 4th of July.

  1. Fitness on the Fourth: Dogs love and crave regular exercise, and their ability to run, jump, and play is critical to fostering healthy minds and bodies. Not only that, but regular exercise helps to deliver ample stimulation, satisfying your dog’s natural curiosity, while reducing anxious feelings and behavior. In this way, exercise can also help to provide a welcome distraction from the noisy and frightening fireworks later on.
  2. A safe haven: It is paramount that pet parents keep their dogs indoors on the July 4 holiday, and any time fireworks are being set off nearby. A pet resort provides a secure, state-of-the-art refuge from holiday revelers, particularly if you plan on being out for the evening. If your dog is sound-sensitive, you may have noticed they seek out small, enclosed areas where they can hide during thunderstorms and similar boisterous events. Pet resorts offer luxury suites where they can “escape”, while also offering an air-conditioned environment where dogs can relax, rest, and otherwise be themselves.
  3. Pet parent peace of mind: Many families have Fourth of July plans, meaning the pets are left to their own devices throughout the evening. But pet resorts are staffed by compassionate, knowledgeable caretakers who are on duty throughout the evening, making sure your pet has plenty of human companionship and TLC whenever needed. These skilled specialists handle meals, bathroom breaks, and supervision while offering the calm reassurance your dog needs.

Thinking of boarding your dog on the 4th of July (or throughout the summer)? Paws and Play Pet Resort would love to meet your pet! Our staff is fun-loving, experienced, and passionate about animals. We have the right toys, the right games, and the right activities to keep your dog happy and healthy. Reach out to us today to learn more.