5 Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming at a Pet Resort


Every pet owner wants their dog to look and smell their best, making visits to the grooming salon essential. But did you also know that regularly scheduled hair, nail, and ear cleanings can improve your dog’s health?

The following five benefits of professional dog grooming will have your dog feeling AND looking amazing, with the added peace of mind for their owners, to boot:

  1. Far less shedding: When we bring home a pet, we make a deal with our furniture that shedding is par for the course. Still, less hair to vacuum and pick up in clumps off the floor is always a good thing. Regularly scheduled baths and professional deshedding treatments go a long way in shed control.
  2. Healthier coat and skin: Just like seasonal allergens are a nuisance to us humans, they can wreak havoc on your dog’s skin, causing all kinds of itching, scratching, and irritation. A trip to Paws and Play for a soothing bath can offer huge relief. Staying on a schedule can help curb the condition altogether.
  3. Fewer scuffs and scratches: Routine nail trims are an important component of hygiene for your favorite pup, and one of the primary benefits of professional dog grooming. Nice, tidy nails are not only more comfortable for your dog, but they are safer – for both your pet and the family – and far easier on flooring and furniture. No more scuffed hardwood or tattered upholstery.
  4. Warding off wax: Just like your dog’s nails need to be trimmed regularly, their ears, too, should be professionally cleaned. Dogs who spend time outdoors can gather dirt and other irritants under their nails which can inadvertently be deposited in their ear canals when they scratch. Regular cleanings promote better hearing, clearly, but it also helps to prevent ear infections from developing.
  5. Early alerts: Shaggy coats, clogged ears, and long nails can mask significant health issues that pet owners should know about. Skilled professionals will be able to notify you of any potential health risks they spot while grooming your dog, allowing you to seek treatment before the condition progresses.

Get a great bath, brush-out, nail trim, and de-shedding treatment at Paws and Play Pet Resort’s dog grooming salon. Our team aims to provide your pup with all of the luxuries and special treatment you would expect from your own trip to the spa. Call 914-337-2948 to schedule an appointment.