3 Tips to Choosing the Best Boarding Activities for Your Dog

Happy pets are healthy pets, particularly when they’re on a vacation of their own and staying overnight away from home for perhaps the first time. Puppies and older dogs, alike, benefit from innovative play and plenty of pampering.

Finding a quality pet resort and a pet care collaborator that specializes in providing fun-filled activities for your dog is a great first step toward a successful outing.

Here are three additional tips to assembling the most beneficial itinerary for your pet:

  1. Get packed: No, no – not that kind of packed (although the idea of a tiny dog suitcase sounds adorable). “Pack” as in “a group of dogs working and playing together.” Dogs tend to love the social nature running with their peers provides, and a luxury pet resort is a great place to scratch that itch in a safe, supervised environment. The best resorts will take care to pair your pet with dogs of similar physicality and energy levels.
  2. Ensure some extra TLC: Boarding activities for your dog don’t necessarily end after an enthusiastic play session. Some of the most memorable – and pampering – possibilities lie in the add-ons that only the best pet resorts offer. Consider custom tuck-in sessions, in which your dog gets the 5-star resort treatment before a good night’s rest. Or perhaps your dog would enjoy a homemade, all-natural snack to give them that mid-day boost of energy. Of course, there’s nothing like a trip to the spa to make your pup feel like a million bucks. Paws and Play, for instance, offers a comprehensive grooming session that blends bathing, brushing, nail trims, and a blueberry facial.
  3. Seek out those seasonal splashes: Dogs are constructed for swimming. Any pet owner who has taken their pup to the pool in summertime knows exactly what we speak of. There’s a good reason that an entire aquatic technique is named for their distinctive paddle. Water sports, too, provide plenty of exercise and stimulation for our animals. When boarding your dog or enrolling them in doggie daycare, find a resort that offers hot options to cool down during the warmer days, like sprinkler play, doggie pools, and refreshing drinks from the hose.

Paws and Play Pet Resort places your dog’s health and welfare above all else, and part of fostering a well-rounded life for your pet is ensuring plenty of exercise, activity, and engagement with people and other dogs. Our team of compassionate caretakers can help you choose fun activities for your dog that are custom-tailored to your needs and their interests. Call us to find out how you can get started and schedule your next visit.